• We are Reliable to undertake challenging projects,


  • We are Responsible for the longevity of your project,


  • We are Renowned for being the best.


  • We employee the best, we work with the best and our strength is in the experiences wee gained through decades.


  • We are Reliable to undertake challenging projects,
    We are Responsible for the longevity of your project,
    We are Renowned for being the best.


  • Mumtaz City, strategically located for ideal living only 5 minutes
    away from New Islamabad Airport, a housing society for future living.


  • Mall VIII a marvel of amenities with a clissic outlook,
    offers its residents the living they have all sought after.
    A high rise of luxury apartments and retail outlets.

Mumtaz Construction Company (Private) Limited is a well reputed construction company of Pakistan for the past 4 decades. Formed in 1982 MCC has been developing, constructing and servicing its esteemed clients through untiring efforts with our client’s encouragement and motivation.



MCC has been working for 4 decades with zero accidents and rigorous safety standards.


Preservation of the land and its surroundings where we employee our machinery, equipment and labour is of our utmost concern and of high priority to us.


MCC believes in making untiring efforts of relief, lifestyle betterment, care packages and social responsibilities for the community.


MCC has time and again proven its valour in the fields of construction through exemplary work and time efficient executions. Majority of our operations have been in the following activities.

Roads and Bridges

MCC is credited with defining work in construction of dual carriageways involving earth moving tasks like rock cutting and below surface work. Our vast arsenal of technologically advanced machinery and state of the art plants enabled us to complete challenging projects even which have been time constrained.

Landscaping and Buildings

Equipped with manpower, skills and equipment for large scale topographic surveys and landscaping, MCC has in its portfolio several projects to be proud of. Most of which have left a landmark on the areas we were able to survey. Our team has been efficient with accuracy and reasoning in all our studies in these endeavours.

Storm Water Drainage Systems

One of our specialities has been the proper definition of catchment areas whilst designing and construction of storm water drainage systems. Nationwide, MCC has designed, constructed and executed various storm water drainage systems. Vastly, Punjab and KPK have been known to  receive more than 200 mm of rainfall every monsoon season sometimes per day, to handle such water flow, MCC is capable of constructing efficient water drainage systems for maintenance of roads and townships and their longevity.

Sewerage and Drainage systems

Sewerage disposal and treatment is one of the major challenges for many municipalities. We have completed sewage treatment projects at locations where traffic density was high and job required speedy completion with least inconvenience to the public.

Water Supply Systems

MCC is capable of developing, International Quality Standards Tested, large water supply networks with least completion time. Our past projects include numerous projects of the same nature.

Equipment / Plants

  • Asphalt Plant

    MCC has established various asphalt plants at locations working continuously for construction services and supply of material. we keep the plants running efficiently to reduce workload at variable time slots.

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  • Crushing Plant

    Functioning to their maximum capacity to provide construction services, more than a 100 crushing plants have been installed at the site of development.

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  • Concrete Plant

    State of the art concrete plants, pumps loaders and mixers have been installed on sites providing raw materials for construction requirements. Servicing development teams for efficient workflow.

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  • Block Factory

    Subsequently providing building blocks for structures, construction sites that MCC works on are also equipped with tuff tiles/blocks factories to provide high quality material.

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  • Pipe Factory

    Pipes of various circumferences are developed on site of various lengths, huge quantities and high quality. These pipes are intended to be used in water and sewerage channels.

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