Concrete Repairs

The repairs of concrete buildings and structures requires quality material but more importantly experienced and skilled tradesman to ensure that the repair is undertaken correctly. the removal of the defective of concrete...

Road & Bridges

Projects including dual carriage ways have been executed by MCC. The Construction involve cutting of rocks and earth work. our large inventory of plant and machinery has enabled us to complete the projects with in stipulated time.

Pilling & Soil Investigation

The installation of "piles" into the ground creates a solid foundation to support the construction of large structures such as bridges or buildings.The Piles penetrate the ground, reaching a strong layer of soil in areas or rock in areas ..


The company is equipped to carry out large scale topographic survey and landscaping. Several projects of landscaping and building have been completed by the company. Electrical installations at low and extra low voltage shall be installed..

Civil Engineering

civil engineers work at the highest level of design and plan large infrastructure projects, such as airports and roadways, which requires solving complex problems. Civil engineers must determine the feasibility of plans especially regarding financial costs..


Heavy monsoon rains have been registered over 200 mm in 24 hours in the northern Punjab and KPK province of pakistan. Such heavy index of rain requires sound storm water drainage system for maintenance of roads and townships.
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