Crushing Plant.

In order to provide raw material, a portion of mountainous range has been contracted on 5 years lease. Required crusher plants have been constructed at this site and are functioning to their maximum capacity. Huge dumps of gravel are scattered across the housing site to be used in subsequent development works.
Sr. noDescriptionMakeQuantityCurrent Location
1Crushing/Screening PlantLocal01 NoNBCDP
2Crushing/Screening PlantLocal01 No Mumtaz City
3RCC Pipe PlantLocal01 NoNBCDP
4RCC Pipe PlantLocal01 NoMumtaz City
5RCC Pipe PlantLocal01 NoMumtaz City
6Tile Making MachineLocal01 NoNBCDP
7Tile Making MachineLocal01 NoMumtaz City
8Tar BoilersLocal01 NoMumtaz City
9Tar BoilersLocal01 NoMumtaz City
10Tar BoilersLocal01 NoNBCDP
11Tar BoilersLocal01 NoNBCDP
12Electric GeneratorCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
13Electric GeneratorKomatsu01 NoNBCDP
14Electric GeneratorKomatsu01 NoNBCDP
16Electric GeneratorMitsubishi01 NoNBCDP
17Electric GeneratorChina01 NoMumtaz City
18Electric GeneratorChina01 NoMumtaz City
19Electric GeneratorChina01 NoMumtaz City
20Electric GeneratorChina01 NoMumtaz City
21Mob /CrusherChina01 NoNBCDP
22Mob /CrusherChina01 NoMumtaz City
23Air CompressorsChina01 NoMumtaz City
24Air CompressorsChina01 NoMumtaz City
25Air CompressorsChina01 NoNBCDP
26Sheet Bending & Rolling MachineChina01 NoNBCDP
27Sheet Bending & Rolling MachineChina01 NoNBCDP
28Sheet Bending & Rolling MachineChina01 NoMumtaz City
29Sheet Bending & Rolling MachineHamm01 NoMumtaz City
30ExcavatorSamsung01 NoMumtaz City
31ExcavatorDaewoo01 NoNBCDP
32ExcavatorDaewoo01 NoNBCDP
33ExcavatorDaewoo01 NoNBCDP
34ExcavatorDaewoo01 NoNBCDP
35ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
36ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
37ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
38ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
39ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
40ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
41ExcavatorHitachi01 NoMumtaz City
42Excavator 2800Hyundai01 NoNBCDP
42Excavator 2800Hyundai01 NoNBCDP
43Excavator 2800Hyundai01 NoNBCDP
44Excavator 2800Hyundai01 NoNBCDP
45Excavator 2800Hyundai01 NoNBCDP
46Excavator 2800Hyundai01 NoNBCDP
47Excavator 1300wHyundai01 NoNBCDP
48Excavator SolarDaewoo01 NoMumtaz City
49Dozer D-85Komatsu01 NoMumtaz City
50Dozer D-85Komatsu01 NoMumtaz City
51Dozer D-85Komatsu01 NoNBCDP
52Dozer D-85Komatsu01 NoNBCDP
53Dozer D-155Komatsu01 NoNBCDP
54Dozer D-155Komatsu01 NoNBCDP
55Dozer D-155Komatsu01 NoNBCDP
56Dozer D-155Komatsu01 NoNBCDP
57Dozer D-155Komatsu01 NoMumtaz City
58Dozer D-355Komatsu01 NoMumtaz City
59Dozer D-9GCaterpillar01 NoMumtaz City
60Dozer D-9GCaterpillar01 NoMumtaz City
61Dozer D-9GCaterpillar01 NoMumtaz City
62Motor GraderXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
63Motor GraderXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
64Motor GraderXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
65Motor GraderHuber01 NoMumtaz City
66Motor GraderKomatsu01 NoMumtaz City
67Motor GraderHella01 NoMumtaz City
68Motor GraderHella01 NoNBCDP
69Motor Grader-740Champion01 NoNBCDP
70Motor GraderCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
71Motor GraderCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
72Road Roller VibratoryGillian01 NoNBCDP
73Road Roller VibratoryGillian01 NoNBCDP
74Road Roller VibratoryGillian01 NoMumtaz City
75Road Roller StaticHamm01 NoMumtaz City
76Vibratory RollerKomatsu01 NoMumtaz City
77Vibratory RollersDynapac01 NoMumtaz City
78Vibratory RollersDynapac01 NoMumtaz City
79Vibratory RollersDynapac01 NoNBCDP
80Vibratory RollersDynapac01 NoNBCDP
81Vibratory Roller

(Double Drum)

Dyanpac01 NoNBCDP
82Vibratory RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
83Vibratory RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
84Vibratory RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
85Vibratory RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
86Vibratory RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
87Sheep Foot RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
88Sheep Foot RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
89Sheep Foot RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
90Sheep Foot RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
91Sheep Foot RollerXcmg01 NoMumtaz City
92Wheel Loader 950 CCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
93Wheel Loader 88ZIIKawasaki01 NoNBCDP
94Wheel Loader 88ZIIKawasaki01 NoMumtaz City
95Sheep Foot RollerCaterpillar01 NoMumtaz City
96Sheep Foot RollerCaterpillar01 NoMumtaz City
97Wheel Loader- 950CCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
98Loader 950-BCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
99Loader 950-BCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
100Loader 950-BCaterpillar01 NoNBCDP
101Wheel Loader 966Caterpillar01 NoMumtaz City
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